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'''Gin Blossoms''' is an American rock music|rock band formed in 1987 in Tempe, Arizona. They first came to notice with the song "Hey Jealousy" from their first major label album, ''New Miserable Experience'' (1992), but this achievement was coupled with the forced firing and eventual suicide of the song's author and band co-founder Doug Hopkins, prompting the title of their follow-up album, ''Congratulations I'm Sorry'' (1996). After a series of charting singles, the band broke up in 1997. They reunited in 2002 and released a fourth album, ''Major Lodge Victory'', in 2006, and a fifth, ''No Chocolate Cake'', in 2010.
Alias| origin = Tempe, Arizona, United States
GenreAlternative rock, power pop, jangle pop{{cite web |url=’-jesse-valenzuela-discusses-band’s-plans-2013/%0917607 |title=Interview: Gin Blossoms’ Jesse Valenzuela Discusses the Band’s Plans for 2013 |last=Wood |first=James |publisher=Guitar World |date=January 8, 2013 |accessdate=May 17, 2016}}
Years active1987–1997, 2002–present
LabelA&M Records|A&M, Hybrid Recordings|Hybrid, 429 Records|429{{cite web|url= |title=429 Records |publisher=429 Records |date= |accessdate=July 15, 2011}}
Associated actsRoger Clyne and the Peacemakers, The Refreshments (Arizona band)|The Refreshments, Gas Giants (band)|Gas Giants, The Longshadows, The Chimeras, The Pistoleros
Current membersBill Leen
Jesse Valenzuela
Robin Wilson (musician)|Robin Wilson
Scott "Scotty" Johnson
Scott Hessel
Past membersDoug Hopkins
Richard Taylor
Chris McCann
Steven Severson
Dan Henzerling
Phillip "Phil" Rhodes
Scott Kusmirek
John Richardson (drummer)|John Richardson
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